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✓ Add a unique teaching tool 
✓ Take your teaching to the next level
✓ Stand out as an exceptional teacher!

Hi, Alexey Shakhin here.

Welcome to the world's first 

global online network where 

English teachers 

expose their students 

to a variety of English accents 

by collaborating with each other!

Benefits for STUDENTS

English is the main language for global communication these days. 

Students learning English as a Second Language are bound to come across different accents.


Enhanced communication abilities

Useful for real-life situations like working with international businesses or traveling.

Improved listening and comprehension skills

Cultural appreciation and diversity

Top 10 reasons TEACHERS join 
the English Accent Network:

Stand out. Put yourself in the top 1% of the most ambitious, innovative and modern teachers by joining our first-of-its-kind platform.

Improve your resume. How many teachers do you know who have guest-speaking on their resumes?

Increase your worth. Add a valuable tool to your professional toolbox. The more tools you have – the more value you bring to your students – the higher your pay.

Variety. Offer your students a unique experience 99% of them have never had before.

Ultimate test. Allow your best students to put their listening comprehension as well as speaking skills into practice. 

Global networking. Make new friends worldwide for both personal and career opportunities.

Reward. Use EAN as a bonus to reward your most dedicated and loyal students.

Retention. Increase student retention by providing what others don’t.

CPD. By learning from more experienced colleagues, you grow as a professional yourself.

Feel good. Feel good about yourself knowing you are making a contribution towards peace, tolerance and awareness in the world by applying the principle of “unity in diversity” in real life.

All that and more at absolutely no cost to you OR your students!

How does it work?

100 join.png

Join in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1 - Join the FB Group

Step 2 - Describe yourself

Step 3 - Find your match!

Got questions? Join and ask! 

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